• Susan Crutchfield

Carnegie Memories

We love hearing wonderful memories that people have of the Carnegie Library. Thanks so much to Vanessa Neely for sharing this special story...

I relived a childhood memory yesterday. Passing by Carnegie Library in my hometown of Newnan, Georgia I stopped and peered down at the steps where I once sat numerous summer days in the 1960s waiting on my mom. The compelling memory drew me in to take in a moment that meant so much to me as a child. Inside where I enjoyed searching forjust the right book to occupy my time and quench my thirst for fantasizing had changed in design, but the pillars and windows were exactly the same. I took in the moment with stealth silence; then, enjoyed an enriching conversation with the "librarian" (as they were called back in the day) sharing how the programming is somewhat the same but has also changed to stay relevant with the times. The moment almost made me wish I could turn back the hands of times. Walking back outside (that looked exactly the same) taking in one last look at the steps did something else for me that was more profound—it brought an appreciation for my mom. I appreciated her allowing me to spend time in one of my favorite places while she did her shopping and ran errands; and I didn’t have to tag along with her and dread the haphazard moments of her fussing when I didn’t do things right. As much as I thought she was mean and didn’t know me—she really did know me...and dropped me off in a world filled with books that always brought me joy. ~Thanks mom~ ...and Thanks Carnegie—for being a place of refuge.

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